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1-on-1 Training

Discover movement in an empowering, and playful way through building foundational strength and exploring movement in ways you may not have thought possible before - at any level. Training with Michelle comes with a personalized approach to sustainably get you to your health and fitness goals...

1-on-1 Health Coaching

When you are longing for lifestyle changes to improve your health, but feel stuck and are longing for freedom and choice, health coaching with Michelle can support you in the process of change and discovery. Explore weight loss strategies, stress management, managing chronic conditions, diet/exercise, addictions and more...


Mindful Movement Group Classes

The Mindful Movement Group explores a well-rounded movement practice to help students and athletes develop a deeper relationship with mind-body connection and awareness...

Online Membership

As a member of the Mind Body Freedom community, you will gain access to an on-going health & fitness program dedicated to helping you build the fundamental movement patterns and increase strength, mobility & flexibility gains, and mind-body connection...

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