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Transform Your Health

Transform Your Body, Strengthen Your Mind: Where Holistic Health and Functional Movement Converge for Long-Lasting Wellbeing





Discover movement in an empowering, and playful way through building foundational strength and exploring movement in ways you may not have thought possible before - at any level.


Health Coaching

1:1 health coaching is a client-centered approach to support you and engage in self-discovery, decide your goals and purpose, and find long-lasting changes while ensuring all interactions between coach and client are respectful and non-judgmental.


Mindful Movement Group Classes

The Mindful Movement Group explores a well-rounded movement practice to help students and athletes develop a deeper relationship with mind-body connection and awareness.

Online Membership

As a member of the Mind Body Freedom community, you will gain access to an on-going fitness program dedicated to helping you build the fundamental movement patterns and increase strength, mobility, and flexibility gains. Open communication for coaching support is included, and full access to all demo tutorials. Build on specific strengths & skills such as compound movements, splits, mastering bodyweight skills and more all while growing in strength, and maintaining flexibility/mobility ranges of motion.

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About me

Michelle is a practitioner and teacher of movement including strength, calisthenics, flexibility, and mobility. Her passion for fitness and mind-body connection began early-2021 when she began searching for ways to incorporate nervous system regulation and stress management through movement. This was inspired by a breakthrough she had while exploring ways to holistically heal her stress-induced chronic illness and better her mental health.


She holds a bachelor's degree in Health and Exercise Science.

She has a background in a variety of health and fitness including weightlifting, calisthenics, yoga, Tai Chi Yang style, QiGong, and... 


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